I have a lot to say about election in Iran, but I'd rather mention them after the run-off... for now I should just say something about the previous post:

It's not so important who gained the vote, it's of the highest priority that our people turned out to the polls... it's precious and essential.

and... it seems that, unfortunately, most of Iranians haven't learnt about thinking nationally and collectively... keeping fingers crossed for that day!

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yes we are Iraninans! a nation full of weaknesses & confusions. sorry but what I see for now is a nation who doesnt know where to go or what to do. Do you really think this nation can reach to any destination?(destiny & destination... Remember?)


در ضمن ما که باشيم که پشت سر شما حرف بزنيم! ما فقط حدسيات خودمان را به آن دوشيزه مکرمه اعلام فرموديم. همين.