Long time has passed without writing here even a word... lack of time, lack of subject or even lack of myself didn't let me to write... but now, there has been a great changea great one which I hope be going to lead toward a greater one... and the greatest!

I think I will write in English now on... 

/ 4 نظر / 14 بازدید

Webloge jalebi darid , khosh hal misham be manam ye sari bezanid ;) , felan bye


the greatest ؟؟ چه جوری ؟!!


the time ghoghnoos changes it's language!and after rising from the fire says:hello!what's up?!:D


Good idea! you know, it was my idea to write in English almost two years ago. Now you remind me those days. We had another plan: an English group blog. I guess we can do it now. I'm sure you also have some friends who are fond of writing in english. Think of it. GOOD LUCK FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART